Spring 2017 Retail Banking Branch Design Showcase

Check out this huge collection with over 75 photos of 14 different branch projects from across the globe — ideas and inspiration for your next project. (Please note: The gallery is divided into five separate pages; use the page numbers below to navigate. You can also click on any image to enlarge it.)

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Emirates NBD – Future Banking Lab

Subscribe TodayThis innovative design incorporates three zones. The “Digital Banking Zone” provides self-service banking options like interactive teller machines and video conferencing stations. The “Future Banking Zone” showcases digital innovations developed with technology partners such as the Visa “Connected Car,” MasterCard’s Virtual Shopping Experience, and SAP’s augmented reality real estate solution. In the “Advisory/Relationship Zone,” provides a relaxed environment for customers to meet one-to-one with a financial advisor to discuss the banks products and services.

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SNS Bank – Sales Center

SNS Bank’s vision is that physical retail environments should not just build relationships but also play a key role in driving sales. The result is something that The Financial Brand has never seen before (and that’s saying something, because we have over 10,000 photos of branches in our archives dating back to the 1990s). This concept is so retail, you have to look twice to make sure it isn’t a mobile phone store.

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To check out more of the design concepts in this Spring 2017 branch design showcase, click on the page numbers below.

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  1. I don’t know how to say this more clearly. The reason customers aren’t visiting branches with the frequency they used to just a few years ago, has NOTHING TO DO WITH DESIGN, and everything to do with behavior. The only way to get people back to branches is to get rid of their smartphones, and that ain’t going to happen….

  2. Definitely a chicken and egg situation. Millennials (and all age segments) visit the branch because banks make it virtually impossible to open an account on a mobile device or online without visiting. When they get to the branch, the new accounts representative is paid to restart the process and make it a ‘branch sale’. Once the account is open, Millennials don’t want to visit the branch until they get a mortgage (again because banks have made it impossible to apply on a mobile device). Remember also that these surveys include customers of the 3K+ banks that don’t even have a mobile banking app.

  3. “Design thinking” are creative strategies that must designers use during the process of develop a new proposal or design. In my opinion, many banking professionals are trying unsuccessfully to use design to create the “Branch of the Future” as a Global solution and not using “Design thinking” to generate a new business proposal and operating model for financial services that will embed cutting edge technology, superb customer experience, reliable security, timely convenience and the best on demand customer flow in all channels, physical (as branches) and digital (as mobile banking) while creating value for customers and shareholders with great ROI projects. In summary, opportunity for banks are not in branch design; what is needed it’s a new proposition for financial services using “Design Thinking” to evolve the branch network and banking for the future.

  4. Jim – Millennials are visiting branches far too frequently for the problem to hinge entirely on the account opening process. If a Millennial visits a branch an average of once a month, something else is going on.

    Brett – I don’t believe The Financial Brand has ever suggested that design is either the cause of the decline in branch footfall, nor the cure. We simply document how the designs are changing. We certainly aren’t pushing a nostalgic agenda — trying to get people to flock back to branches. People are going to continue using branches at some level, so what should branches look like? It’s a fair question.

  5. Jeffry,

    Fair enough. I do think we would likely agree (Jim, yourself and myself) that a bank that is relying solely on a branch refresh to ensure their future, is in trouble. I think you guys consistently do a good job on covering off branch redesign, but I’d rather see a more balanced focus on alternative revenue streams via mobile, behavior, web as a more complete brand/acquisition strategy.

    I know a lot of TFB readers are still believers in the branch as the ‘primary channel’, but I think it’s time we disabuse the community of that concept and simply embrace the fact that relationships are relationships and revenue is revenue, and if you can execute on mobile in real-time, at a fraction of the cost of via real-estate, then economics will dictate the market will move to that model. Branches will remain as a premium access point for services, but not an everyday banking channel for the vast majority.

    I’m happy to expand on this in BANK 4.0 (Dec 2017).


  6. Brett, I’m not sure it’s fair criticizing The Financial Brand’s balance of coverage. I think we do a pretty good job covering a wide range of subjects — branding, marketing, data analytics, customer experience (in all channels), design (in all channels). And nearly every article Jim Marous publishes is about either digital, mobile, fintech, or all the above — including online/mobile account opening.

    At the end of the day, I think the reality is that any article about branches just rubs some people raw. One article about branches, for some, is one article too many.

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